Brand Builder. CPG Professional. Novice Investor. Volunteer Fire Chief.

Working more than full-time through his early high school years doing asphalt & landscaping, selling dry cleaning services door-to-door, overnight & weekend security and even a quick stint as a freelance bounty hunter, Chase is no stranger to hard work!

Opting for real world experience over a traditional business education, Chase followed his father’s footsteps into the beverage business and accepted his first corporate job before he was nineteen years old.

While working full-time, he took the leap into his first investment and real business: a car wash and detail shop. A few years and a ton of hard-learned lessons later, the car wash went out of business. After hearing all the noise about foreclosures, Chase decided to learn more and eventually started a company to manage and maintain foreclosed properties for the lenders.


Since embarking on these two ventures in his late teens and into his early twenties, Chase has narrowed his focus to consumer packaged goods and is currently serving as Vice President of Sales at Boylan Bottling, Jolt Cola , MASH and Detour Bar.

In addition, Chase has also begun to build a real estate portfolio through his socially responsible holding company Slepak Enterprises LLC, helps manage the marketing efforts at the family business Full Circle Distributors and is a fifteen year veteran of the Fawn Township Fire Company where he now serves as Chief.

As part of his growing real estate holdings, Chase has recently embarked on a new journey into retail food service and is working hard to open Daddy Rabbit’s Café & Market in the Spring of 2019.